In search of inspiration from a new a landscape (and celebration of my birthday) I spent the weekend in Boscastle,Cornwall and walked the coastal path between Tintagel and Widemouth Bay.

David, A. (2019) Boscastle Gauze [photograph] Boscastle, Cornwall

The coast has a therapeutic and profound effect on me. The openness, the sea breeze, the sheer scale of the surroundings and power of the ocean.

David, A. (2019) Atlantic Ocean: Open Spaces [photograph] Boscastle, Cornwall

As I acquainted myself with this new-to-me landscape, I was instantly drawn to the unique textures. Herringbone slate dry stone walls, bright yellow flowers on the gauze lining either side of the footpaths and cliff sides, corrugated-effect cliff edges with mottled colouring. Stream carving through the valleys led to moss and lichen growing on almost every surface.

David, A. (2019) Forrabury Stitches Dry Stone Wall [photograph] Boscastle, Cornwall

Long distance views offered humbling perspective of our presence on earth.

Pebbles at Widemouth Bay, distinctive in shape and pattern. The stripes made from quartz and reference the tectonic movement hundreds of years ago.

David, A. (2019) Widemouth Bay Pebbles [photograph] Boscastle, Cornwall

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