David, A. Charcoal Drawing 2019

This week initial sketch ideas were translated into sugar paper cut outs to test positioning and orientation. In an effort to step out of the sketchbook and work at a larger scale. This proved to be a quick and easy way to produce photographed design ideas. Developing thumbnail sheets will help me to make decisions as to which designs work and why.

David, A. Paper Designing 2019

In doing this process, I decided I would like to experiment with colour and developed colour palettes based on photographs I had taken of the Norfolk coastline. For this stage I have decided to move forward with one colour palette in particular which captures the tonal range so unique to this particular coastline.

Using the cut out shapes, I experimented with screen print to test colour and scale (and also to build my confidence in entering new workshops and picking up new techniques - an aim I have given myself after a timid start to the MA...)

As ideas came to me, the washing and drying of screens frustrated me. I realise now that it would have been better to divide my shapes up amongst a number of smaller screens rather than squeeze them all onto one big screen so that I could continue printing whilst one screen was drying.

Since I wanted to capture my ideas before the end of the day, I went back to photoshop and began quickly playing with shapes and colour. My digital skills are particularly strong and so this enables me to work fast and get results which can be printed off and pinned up within the hour.

I am pleased with the progression this week and feel like I have broken boundaries in terms of personal growth in confidence and developed the design further.

David, A. Digital Designing 2019

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