Currently there are a multitude of ideas swirling around for the final module but feelings of overwhelm, defeat and unmotivation have lead to a slowing of progress and creation.

My thinking to date comprises a number of outcomes, of which are listed below with their progress. All thinking is derived from a study of ancient woodland, particularly Hembury Wood and Smallcombe Vale where drawing, immersion, writing, photography and collecting has occured. These tools for gathering inspiration have fueled ideas and outcomes.


- written elements have been formatted and there is opportunity to include these in a book combined with ink drawings.

- the application for the Walking conference at Plymouth University has been submitted

- I would like to produce a written paper discussing thoughts and actions of experiential practice.


- there is opportunity to have a selection of the ink drawings professionally framed for exhibition purposes and remaining drawings to be collated into a book.

Textile Rugs

- ink drawings have been manipulated to create rug designs and there is opportunity to explore how these designs are to be transfered onto the rugs whether it is through tapestry weaving, directly and free hand painting or screen printing. Currently exploring these options onto economic cotton rugs to assess the painterly quality that I wish to achieve.


- inspired by the gnarly knots of the trees, there is a desire to create a 3D hazel and/or willow sculpture which can be suspended to form an art installation and lighting feature. However, at present this is proving difficult with lack of material and skill.


- as noted, there is opportunity to create a book, the layout and design of which is to be decided (hand sewn, bound, concertina).

- using collected and stripped hazel, I would like to experiment making paper to form the first and last page of the book.

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