In reading around the subject of the Celtic Tree Calendar, I became fascinated by the concept and chose to look at the tree species dedicated to the months of the final masters project. This process allowed me to research the species themselves, what type of wood they have, their use and value and also the folk tales originated from the Celts.


June 10 - July 7

Strong, powerful, mighty and typically towering over all of its neighbours


July 8 - August 4

Believed to ensure good luck and safety to your family, protection and cleansing


August 5 - September 1

Associated with wisdom and protection

Previous feedback and personal intentions suggest more time should be given towards drawing to develop ideas and open the mind to possibilities. Whilst this is a constant battle between heart and mind, it is something I am trying to push through. Equipped with a tonne of art mediums and preprepared soil washed paper, I headed out into the woods to draw and capture details, textures and patterns amongst the trees. Focusing my attention to the Oak, Holly and Hazel as a basis for research.

In addition to drawing, I have tried to focus my attention to the smells and sounds to note down words which reflect the current state of mind and sense of place.

I intend to work with Indian Ink (black and brown) to capture the patterns and shapes cast onto the ground and within the walls of the woods. Entering the woods, I have been overcome with feelings of shelter, enveleped by the branches and the dapled sunlit patches stood out to me as glimpses from the outside world. I have found that diluting the ink has allowed me to capture the colour gradients and this is something I hope to explore further in the early stages of this project.

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