Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Fig 1. David, A. (2018) The Norfolk Coastal Colours [photograph] Hunstanton, Norfolk

Enjoyment? What aspects of my experience on the Norfolk Coastline gave me pleasure?

  • colours - so many different tones and what they originated from? How we as humans view colour differently?

  • dreaming about future life - given greater perspective.

  • different vegetation types, colours, texture

  • feeling the clay on my hands, investigating with hands, feet and using twigs and shells to prod and poke and make marks and patterns

  • easy going feeling

  • time stops still - life pauses

  • having a 'gaze' like expression while viewing the landscape - what movement and prominent features there are

  • stop to rest and admiring your progress

  • memories which are sacred and in the moment - difficult to translate

  • the huge open sky, making me feel so small and lucky to be here

  • the changes and patterns caused by the wind and sea

  • stumbling upon happy accidents, a different beach, a jelly fish, a seal family (!). A puppy, sun rays shining through the clouds, the dappled daylight in the thick of the pine forest.

  • the smells of fresh nature, earthy but perfumed, gritty, wholesome

  • feeling free and escaping reality

  • exploring historic features

  • seeing others outdoors enjoying themselves - a common ground with strangers

  • moving my body, using my muscles

  • walking, feeling the wing, sun, rain on my body. Feeling cold and windswept

  • talking with no interruptions

  • putting technology away - no signal, no connections


  • the changeability of the current situation - it is not static - the change in the sand, tide, waves, vegetation, daylight

  • inquisitively playing, digging and discovering in a child like manner

  • sitting to rest - listed and look. using the grasses as cushions to sit on

  • touching and feeling - exploring with my hands

  • take time - to wander, meander and explore without intention (Flaneur?)

  • seeing others outdoors walking, talking, looking, moving their bodies. Seeing people in a place with no ulterior motives, no competing. Everyone is equal here. No one is judged for your actions or what you are wearing. You all have a similarity - you are here, in the now.

  • following my intuition and instinct

  • there is no rules or judgement - i can't be 'wrong'

  • the possibility of everything changing - the power of the sea, rocks, trees. No man can interfere with these surroundings completely.

  • relaxing my mind, a numbed state

  • thinking about the now, the and the future of my own, the place and the people who have or will be in the same spot in the future - linking to the ever changing nature of the landscape

  • no restrictions

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