Knowing that I want to include fringing on the finished rugs to add texture and interest, I have been testing alternative ways of finishing the warp.

Macrame, Knotting and Twisting are among some of the techniques used to achieve fringing and whilst these still need refining, I have made some progress in determining the desired effect.

Sampling has identified that the medium cotton cord gives depth and weight to the overall tapestry and given the thickness of the cord, twisting remnant cotton around two warp ends has proved to be the most aesthetically pleasing. However, over time this may become loose and so I intend to use stitching for security.

One of the samples has been cotton-backed to test whether this would provide a higher quality finish and weight to the rug. The backing has been attached using white cotton thread and very small stitches so as to not be dominant. The side profile (tapestry weave on top of canvas base) does appear to be a suitable protective layer. This technique will be tested at a large scale rug in the future.

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