Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Fig 1. David, A. (2016) Pembrokeshire [photograph] Pembrokeshire, Wales

As part of my initial research, I have developed some understanding as to what topic I would like to study and how my research project might develop alongside my textile practice. Below I have included a mixture of thoughts, definitions, questions and statement that I have been thinking about recently.

Experiential expressions – how one reacts in a particular type of landscape, for example coastal landscapes. Explore how our surroundings influence our state of being. (Thoughts, feeling, mind set)

Finding therapeutic value in the landscape.

Using our natural surroundings to convey our feelings and expressions?

Using objects and materials found in the landscape to convey or capture our surroundings at a given moment to an audience - Giving an audience a sense of place and a snapshot of our experiences in the landscape.

Conveying the reaction one feels to the landscape through our senses – touch, smell, sight and sound.

Autoethnography – using the researchers personal experience as data to describe, analyse and understand cultural experiences - a self narrative that places the self within a social context.

Flaneur – ‘Flâneurial Walking’ as a creative research method. – The act of strolling through urban spaces, as an unconventional approach to gathering qualitative data. The researcher is able to critically analyse spaces and the relation of self to those spaces.

Can Flâneurial walking be carried out in a natural landscape environment rather than an traditional urban setting?

Wabi-Sabi – traditional Japanese aesthetics which are centred around the acceptance of transience and imperfection - The appreciation of beauty in imperfection - The Art of Imperfection.

Phenomenon – a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in questions – the object of a person’s perception.

I feel very passionate about this topic as being outdoors, in nature, and particularly in coastal environments is when I feel most at peace and relaxed. The scale of the space and the ocean is so huge that I feel so small in comparison, causing my anxieties and day to day worries to fade. The vast scale and openness makes me feel very lucky to be able to explore our earth and allows me to feel physically and emotionally free.

Physically, the sensations of the fresh sea air and breeze, the smells and sound of freedom surround me. Allowing ample time and with no ulterior motives, one can be led through the landscape by playfulness, wonder, discovery and delight.

My desire is to create handmade, functional and engaging home ware. Allowing this topic to influence my textile work will allow me to capture the sensations, feelings and textures that are found within the natural landscape and use these to evoke a similar response in the home.

Surrounding yourself in your home with objects, furniture, textures and colours that provide similar emotions to those experienced at the coastline will create a comforting, fluid and adaptable home environment.

I want people to enter a home and feel at peace and calm in their surroundings and I hope that my work will be able to encourage that emotional state of mind and being.

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