With an introduction to Marketing Skills this week, my initial reaction was to panic (!) but after beginning to unpick the criteria and elements of the marketing process, I have realised that I have a lot of the brand logo, website and labeling strategies already sussed. It is a great opportunity to fully understand and refine my ambitions for Modern Makers as a lifestyle brand.

I realise that my intentions have deviated and strengthened in the sense of the brand offering a greater presence and service than I had originally considered.

This week I have began thinking and noting down my thoughts surrounding a lifestyle brand, its values and philosophy and unique selling points.

It is difficult to feel comfortable in making such big decisions but nonetheless they are decisions that excite me.

The logo and brand identity that already exists is particularly small and naive, the scope and breadth of what I hope to achieve through Modern Makers is not currently presented on the existing website and thus some editing will be necessary. However the general structure, layout, logo and initial labeling ideas remain relevant.

An important aspect of this module will be to critically analyse the existing market for hand woven rugs and lifestyle brands. I intend to create a matrix which documents the product range, price, materials, provenance, techniques and also the experience of customer service, value added services, packaging and brand identity (website, social media etc).

In addition obtaining industry feedback will be particularly useful to guide my practice and suggest areas for improvement. This will also be useful to see which (if any) retailers would be interested in stocking my product range. This process will no doubt be daunting but something I am keen to tackle.

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