Modern Makers comprises a collection of limited edition homeware products inspired by British landscapes. Committed to an honest approach, mindful craftsmanship and timeless design, Modern Makers acknowledges the benefit landscape brings to well-being and the influence it can have in the home.

The Masters Project will be led by an experiential practice with an underpinning of philosophical theorists such as Ian Siddons Heginworth, Frédéric Gros and Yi Fu Tuan. Walking, environmental art therapy and the Celtic tree calendar will provide theoretical inspiration and exercises. Anna endeavours to focus her attention to British Ancient Woodlands, in particular Hembury Wood, Smallcombe Wood and the New Forest and is keen to collaborate with like-minded designer makers for the realisation of a new homeware range.

In addition to the practical and creative body of work, Anna will be submitting a written element to be included in the ‘Walking’s New Movements’ conference at the University of Plymouth in November 2019.

This introductory statement depicts my intentions and aspirations for the final project. Initial thoughts are filled with anxiety and apprehension. To overcome this, delving into literature has provided a strong foundation from which to develop ideas and a basis for my practice in this new and somewhat daunting project.

Reading around the subject of 'walking' to expand on my research and interest of 'place' and 'space', the following books have been of particular interest;

  • Wanderlust, Rebecca Solnit

  • A Philosophy of Walking, Frédéric Gros

  • Walking The Line, Richard Long

  • Walking Inside Out, Tina Richardson

In addition, the therapeutic value of nature, walking and landscape remain influential to me as a designer maker and my practice. Exploring environmental and art therapy has led to the discovery of the work of Ian Siddons Heginworth and his book 'Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life'.

This book includes various therapeutic exercises to apply to the exploration of place and mythical folk tales in relation to tree species in British woodlands.

Divided by month, the Siddons Heginworth has used the Celtic Tree Calendar to explore the trees, their therapeutic benefits and rituals.

Through reading and with a background in Landscape Architecture, I have chosen to look at Ancient Woodlands in the British Isles, in particular, Hembury Wood in Devon, Smallcombe Wood in Bath and the New Forest. Each are of geographical importance, biodiverse value and Ancient status.

Understanding the prominent tree species in these woodlands has been helpful to relate the woodland to the Environmental Arts theories.

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