Fig 1. David, A. (2018) Holkham Beach [photograph] Norfolk

Practical Methods:

Drawing, collecting, photographing and writing all formed practical methods throughout the site experience and also have continued through to my secondary research as I collate, extract and develop initial drawings and concepts originating from site.

Observational walking is of particular interest to me as I discover the importance of this method from a practical, physical and spiritual perspective. The opportunity to walk without limiting factors such as time pressures are rarely experienced. Allowing one's self to wander in a gaze-like expression and be led by intuition encouraged an exploration approach to the study of a place.

Theoretical Methods:

Experiential perspective forms the basis of my primary research and practical methods.

I have been using auto-ethnography theory to underpin self reflection and writing to explore the experiential response to the site specific location. Anthropological thick description is something that naturally occurred to me as a result of the site experience, allowing me to articulately capture the essence of place and experience through 'emphasis on detail; context, thoughts, feelings, webs of relationships; and meanings that are both spoken our loud and those that are communicated by gesture, silence and innuendo.' (Dawson, 2012, p. 3)


Dawson, J. (2012) Thick Description. Thousand Oaks, SAGE Publications, Inc. (Accessed: 9 November 2018)

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