This week has been sporadic in its direction and focus. Struggling in the midst of design and idea development for multiple projects. In order to document my progression and reflect on the week I will divide my accomplishments up into module specific categories.

Sampling Module:

The week started with a tutorial where it was decided I must go to Norfolk to take more photographs, to do more drawings, to find new inspiration and excitement from the coastline. This will strengthen my ideas, colour palette and direction and I feel happy that I had this to look forward to and prepare for. Time outside will always bring me stillness, open me up to possibilities and allow me to breath slowly and deeply.

Another outcome of the tutorial was that most of my work to date has been flat, whilst pictorial, there lacks the textural 3D elements that were explored early on in my previous module (soumak tapestry technique, hook rugging, tufting etc). To test the new cotton cords I had purchased (in the hope I could overcome some finishing fringe issues) I decided to create a small sample and incorporate tufting into the shapes I have been playing around with. This proved interesting, therapeutic in its production and fun! Although I had a mishap and cut the warp too short making the weave slacken but nonetheless, I have documented this sample and will consider it in future work.

Marketing Skills Module:


The report is moving forward, as is my understanding of the business intentions of Modern Makers. This week I focused on finishing off the competitor and positioning analysis of my research and developed the customer profile, thinking about the characteristics of the potential customer audience.


Pulling me in various directions, a product is not yet defined. Whilst worrying, I intend to be open for the creative process to lead me, I want to feel peace in the primary research that I manage to gather from Cornwall (heading down to Cornwall today for the weekend) in the form of photographs, colours, vegetation, textures, materials, patterns and surprises.

An evening spent painting A4 watercolour sheets allowed me to find peace in the making process and calmed my nerves about the Found project. I used these watercolour sheets to create simple cut outs and colour combinations. Inspired by the analogue workshop from the previous week.

Coasters and bath mat are at the forefront of my mind in terms of product direction. I have continued (and enjoyed) playing with jesmonite to create textured/marbled effect coaster size molds, using the earth from the Norfolk coastline to inject colour, interest and texture. I hope to speak to the sculpture technician to discuss varnishing or resin opportunities to fix and seal the molds.

I have been interested in using natural materials such as hemp and linen in my weaving for home products, linking in colour, texture and provenance to the landscape. I produced two small weave samples using the linen to understand its coverage and appearance using the table loom.

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