A second trip to Norfolk, specifically Holkham and Brancaster Beach provided additional primary research in the form of photography, collecting materials, drawings, defining colour palette and inspiration.

David, A. (2019) Holkham Pine Forest [photograph] Holkham, Norfolk

Following on from the previous module where the presence of layering within landscapes was explored, the current module aims to develop the body of work and incorporate geometric shapes, inspired by organic and natural, fluid shapes commonly found in the landscape (e.g. pine cones, plants, rocks).

David, A. (2019) Holkham Sand Dunes [photograph] Holkham, Norfolk

A new tapestry technique is to be explored which gives visual interest to designs and causes an illusion of elements within the design merging.

With reference to photographs and colours, a range of designs were developed.

David, A. (2019) Visualisation 1 [digital graphic] Bath, England

Thumbnail sheets were used to compare and analyse the range of designs.

Through this process, three designs were chosen to move forward and create visualisations to test whether they were appropriate for the target market. In doing this, I have had a lot of interest and feedback from colleagues and family who have suggested they would love to purchase a printed version of my design. This is something I am planning to process in order to include paper designs which are affordable and provide income during my studies.

David, A. (2019) Visualisation 2 [digital graphic] Bath, England

I am very happy with my chosen colour palette now that I have provided contextual imagery. Therefore, I will proceed in sourcing rug wool which is in-keeping with the palette. I have some internal conflict with regards to paying such close attention to a colour palette and then trying to locate correct wool colours and this makes me wonder whether in the future, it would be beneficial to source dyed wool which is specifically matched.

David, A. (2019) Visualisation 3 [digital graphic] Bath, England

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