This week I handed in my first official assignment as part of the MA - a primary research report. I aimed to reflect on a collection of work by Forest + Found which was exhibited at Egg Trading as part of the London Design Festival, 2018. The exhibition titled Outland combined the sculptural work of Max Bainbridge and textile practice of Abigail Booth.

The research led me to explore the meticulous stitching of Abigail Booth's work which captures the movement of the makers hand and mind. Booth's work evokes simplicity and reflection.

Max Bainbridge creates a series of sculptural work using hand and machine carving. His work seeks to celebrate the making process and allow one to witness the presence of the maker and the tensions between the artist's hand and the natural behavior of the material.

The work of Forest + Found is largely linked with landscape and their work demonstrates a sense of placeness.

The work of Forest + Found has encouraged me to trust in the process of making and feel comfortable with the unpredictability of natural materials and handmade craftsmanship.

This report demonstrates the beginning of a focused evaluation and critique of a collection of work and has begun to develop my analysis skills.

I am particularly drawn to the work of Forest + Found and having the opportunity to evaluate and critique their work has been enjoyable and thought provoking. I endeavour to experiment using hand stitching in my work and explore the idea of placeness.

Whilst challenging, I feel this exercise has been beneficial in making the initial steps towards developing my critical and analytical skills.


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