This week has been seen a lot of progress. List items have been checked off, research documented, printed and put into relevant folders. Materials ordered. Packaging templates tested. Logo etching accomplished.

On Sunday I had a photo shoot session for the collection of coasters I am developing for Found. Research into existing products on the market suggested a few styling ideas. Using candles, glasses of sparking drinks, playful patterned paper, fruit and a mug to contextualise the coasters and give a sense of scale and an aesthetic style.

The photographs on the white background proved to be most successful and are in-keeping with Found's existing photography and visual merchandising style on their website.

These initial visualisations will be useful when I come to photograph the final collection and create a look book for Found.

David, A. (2019) Jesmonite Coaster [photograph] Bath, England

David, A. (2019) Dotted Table Set [photograph] Bath, England

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