This week I have taken a finished and scaled sample off the table loom. I am very pleased with the progress and outcome as it very closely replicates my digital design. The sample is approximately 28x60cm.

Below I have evaluated the process and samples;

  • Consistent in width along the whole weave

  • The yarn colours are particularly successful in comparison to the digital design and compliment each other well.

  • Using a cardboard template to define the circle shape and marking the warp with a pen proved useful.

  • Finishing the weave with a white band at the top and bottom allows the design to be contained and feel finished.

  • The fringing technique remains unclear and this will be tested.

  • The weave is neat and consistent in tension throughout the sample.

  • The size of the sample provides a good sense of the weight of rug.

  • The circle is relatively successful but in some cases it does appear jagged - this could be overcome by reducing the weft width by one warp every time to make a more gradual curve.

  • In the future it is worth noting that curves in designs are labour intensive (!)

Overall I feel that this sample has made me feel confident in my practical ability and has brought my idea to physical form.

Within this module, I plan to sample sections of the other designs in the collection and develop simple complimentary designs which will be more appropriate for outsource production.

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