This blog post provides an evaluation of development for both in-house and outsource production. As the deadline for submission is approaching, actions have been taken to prepare in advance of the final module introduction at the end of the month.

In-house Production

Progress has been made and an 8 shaft floor loom has been warped for the production of an 80cm x 1.5m rug at Corsham Court. The warp is 0.4mm thick cotton cord and an acrylic laser cut reed has been made. Using the expertise of Tim Parry Williams whilst he is still available was great and I feel comfortable that I will be able to move forward into the final module with some basic knowledge of how the loom needs to be set up. I find the preparation to be methodical and rhythmic.

I have documented this process and will continue to document the progress I make in advance of the submission on 14 May 2019. I feel pleased to have made such achievments in the current time frame and intend to produce a market-ready product for final MA submission in August.

Outsource Production

Continuing my efforts to secure a relationship with a manufacturer, I am networking and gaining information through recommendation.

This week I have made contact with Kirsty Thomas of Tom Pigeon who has had her 'Shipwreck' design made into a handwoven rug in India. Kirsty Thomas directed me to Floor Story who are GoodWeave certified and have a vast portfolio of designer rugs. One of which was Sunny Todd Prints whose studio I recently visited as part of an MA industry field trip.

I managed to make contact with Sunny Todd who highly recommended Floor Story and was pleased with the quality of rugs produced and service, however, Sunny was approach by Floor Story directly to exhibit as a 'Floor Story Designer' and so the process for them was entirely in the hands of Simon Goff, Director of Floor Story.

An email conversation with Simon Goff drew to a conclusion that Floor Story are no longer working to produce wholesale and as such will not be able to act as an agent between Modern Makers and the manufacturers. However, I hope to gain information for Simon's experience and long term relationship with factorys in India (if he will be so kind as to share).

In addition to this investigation, I have been sent a hand tufted sample from Ballack Carpets of my design, using pantone colours to reference the colour of yarn. It will be interesting to see the result and also it has been a useful process to better understand the methods of securing an order. Communication with Jasmir, director of Ballack Carpets has been fast and reliable, the sample was produced for free and shipping has been with Fedex and tracked so I have been able to keep up to date with its location and arrival date.

The images sent to me do highlight some concern with regards to abstract shapes and the way in which the design is transfered, the shapes seem 'wobbly' since they are made by hand and so there is risk of having a lower quality outcome.

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