Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Fig 1. David, A. (2017) Kastrup Sea Bath [photograph] Copenhagen, Denmark

Slow Design Movement – slowing the metabolism of people and resources while also creating positive behavioural change. Creating products that are made from sustainable materials is not enough and requires a behavioural change as well.

'The Slow Movement began in 1986 with the Slow Food movement, a protest against fast food's culture of quick preparation and consumption, cultural homogenization, harmful farming techniques and unhealthy ingredients. Over the years, the Slow Movement has expanded into the areas of cities, travel, shopping and, more recently design.' (Williams and Modern, 2018)

The slow design movement encourages designers to make a conscientious choice of materials and processes, to consider which processes and design strategies will encourage a life-long relationship between the object and its owner. Consideration is also to be given to the future (post-consumer) life of the object or material it is made from.

Creating a long life for a textile product.

Emotionally Durable Design a phrase coined by product designer and researcher Jonathan Chapman – referring to the strategy for increasing the empathy and durability of the relationship between product and its owner/user.

A recent trip to Copenhagen and my love for Scandinavian design tells me that the notion of slow design has been around for centuries. Design originating from the Scandinavian region has strong minimalist aesthetics which are durable, functional, simple and often follow ergonomic principles and natural forms.

Fig 2. David, A (2017) The Danish Chair, An International Affair [photograph]

Design Museum, Copenhagen

My trip to the Design Museum in Copenhagen is what inspired me to create a series of little sketches, focusing on Danish furniture pieces which I now sell as a print at local markets.

Fig 3. David, A (2017) Retro Furniture [photograph] Bath, UK


Williams, S and Modern, A (2018) The Slow Design Movement. Available at: (Accessed: September 2018)

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