Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Honore, C (2005) TED talk: In praise of slowness Available at:

(Accessed: September 2018)


  • "a break in the mindset that fast is best.."

  • "live better" by slowing down

  • "more pleasure and health" (slogan taken from the slow food movement)

  • slower rhythms

  • relaxation, deeper psychological state of being

  • slow city movement - connect with one another - "slow down to smell the roses"

  • quality of life and productivity go hand in hand - Scandinavian countries are proving this

  • let the brain slide into the creative mode of thought

  • decompress and slow down for what is important - family time, time spent outdoors, a lunch break, a walk..

  • think creatively and dream

  • time to enjoy and savoir

  • it is a cultural taboo - slow=lazy, dopey, stupid

  • there is a "good slow" - take time to eat with family and without the television, making the time to savior your life

  • "SLOW DOWN!"

Cover photograph is one taken on a recent trip to Madagascar in July 2017 where time most definitely slowed down as I had the privilege of staying in the Sahamalaza Rain Forest.

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