Whilst immersed in landscape I am able to connect with my senses and be mindful of my surroundings. This has allowed me to think more appreciately and deeply. Ensuring I always have my notebook and pen with me, I have been able to capture some of my thoughts, feelings, the smells and the sounds of time spent in the wood.

Inspired by a talk by Sir Richard Long, who is known for his sculptural works but has also produced a number of 'text works', I have decided to type my words and include them as pieces of creative work. This is a very scary thing for me, as the emotions and words are so intrinsically linked to me and it feels very raw to have them read by others.

Richard Long emphasised that his text works are not poetry and are instead narratives of a journey or experience. Long focuses on the layout of his text works and how they are presented, often using the same classical shape formations that he frequently uses for his sculpture work. This really resonated with me and as such I have decided to incorporate my words as text works and take them out of my note book and into a format which I feel happy with.


I hear you.

Your call.

Your whistle.

It soothes the soul to nature's pleasure

It finds comfort in my chest

For here in the wood

My mind is at rest.

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