Below I have included notes from a recent tutorial which are significant in marking where my research has led me to thus far and also recommendations for further reading and research towards the final essay submission and my practice.

Outline project

  • Study of coastal landscapes but relating research to wider knowledge of place and space.

  • Experiential response to site specific location

  • Aim to record and capture the essence of an experience and attempt to convey this to an audience through textile.

Where am I now?

  • 'placeness': what constitutes to the notion of placeness?

  • Our sense and physical/emotional response to a place.

Drawing recommendations

  • Compressed charcoal - worth trying it!

  • Need to underpin drawing as a method

  • The Primacy of Drawing, Deanne Petherbrdge

  • What is drawing?

Book recommendation

  • Landscape and Memory, Simon Schama

Poetic words about experience

  • Underpin with methodology of 'thick description'

  • These could form the title of accompliment to the textile pieces

  • Method for 'thick description' is Anthropological

Research Method essay

  • Approach the essay as 'layers'

  • Provide descriptions of my research approach as 'layers' on top of one another to form the basis of my essay

  • Don't let my methods be dampened by my writing - approach the essay as I have the module. Discuss methods one by one, creating a layered approach.

Consider architectural scale of my work given my architectural background and connections.

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