Giving myself a time limit to test weaving the ink designs on the loom using a variations of light to dark tones. This process was not restricted by trying to get the exact same shape or counted but instead trying to achieve a rhythm which echoed that of the sweeping ink brush strokes in the original drawings. The shapes are much more successful and ‘softer’ in their appearance compared to the earlier experiment where ecru wool was used as infill. The stark contrast in colour between the ecru and grey made the shapes stand out too much and highlighted the jagged edges.

It was highlighted that due to the project being specifically for exhibition, there is not the requirement to make a functional rug for use in the home but can instead explore interesting ideas which relate to the project concept, bring interest and demonstrate thinking. This has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, push boundaried, and be spontaneious with my weaving on the loom.

Testing the other colours of wool that have been chosen in keeping with the colour palette. The hand dyed wool was used to see its effect over a wider surface area, in the hope it would not create stripes. Fortunately the outcome is very interesting - the dyed wool gives more interest and texture to the weave and the greater input that I have had on the material brings me a sense of joy, accomplishment and satisfaction. I have worked with that wool in the dye room to achieve the varied tones and again worked with the wool to create a woven cloth. This could be used as the infill in the designs as it will not create such a contrast in colour. The colours are more likely to blend together well.

The outcome is successful in testing a variety of ideas, the colour palette and develop skills on the floor loom. It is vital that I maintain a clear view of my progress throughout the MA and not be too hard on myself. This year, I have introduced myself to weaving and moved from a home made tapestry frame to an industrial floor loom, a huge achievement.

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