This week I managed to weave a sample on the table loom using the 0.5cm cotton cord warp that had been used on the frame loom in previous sampling.

After some questioning, I discovered that the 0.5cm cotton cord does in fact fit through the heddles and I managed to create a small warp to test the result.

At the moment, there is not a reed large enough to suit the warp thickness but I have drawn up a reed which I hope to have laser cut into wood or acrylic. Using scrap wool, I created a tension using the 'helping hands' either side of the loom in an attempt to reduce tapering but the effectiveness of this was minimal.

Using two sheds to create a weft facing plain weave proved to be much quicker. The weave did taper considerably but I hope this is something that can be managed once I get a reed to use as a beater and measuring guide. (Hopefully I can test this next week)

I intend to create a wider weave and experiment different tapestry techniques using 4 shafts, allowing me to control the shed easily.

I am proud to have developed a better understanding of warping the table loom which has been achieved through research, trial and error. I am feeling increasingly comfortable on the loom and enjoy the methodical approach to making.

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